The F1 LIVE is the ultimate solution for the broadcast industry, taking the best of the original F1 and streamlining it into a custom package for the ENG market. The 6-axis gyro-stabilization of the F1 allows you to capture the perfect shot without getting stuck in gimbal lock. The system comes fully configured and set up from the factory with your camera and lens of choice. It supports all major broadcast cameras, including both 4k and 2k models, and features mulit-user support, enabling different operators to save their preferences in the system. The open platform design of the F1 makes it future proof, so you’re not locked into one payload. 

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    Compatible Lenses

      Transitioning from the V14 to the F1 LIVE has been seamless. The system is perfectly tailored to support our demanding shooting schedule, allowing us to capture the latest breaking news more quickly and efficiently than ever before

      - Stu Mundel, Aerial reporter/photographer, at CBS Los Angeles