SHOTOVER F1 Captures the Action for Guinness World Record Setting BASE Jump from the Burj Khalifa

When French skydivers Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet leapt into history from the top of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the feat was captured in stunning 4K video by production company Dubai Film using the SHOTVER F1 aerial camera system.  Mounted to a Eurocopter AS350 B3, the SHOTOVER F1 provided rock-solid imaging as the duo jumped from the world’s tallest building to earn the Guinness World Record for Highest BASE jump from a building.  BASE jumping (BASE stands for “building, antenna, span and earth”) is an extreme sport where participants jump from fixed platforms and use a parachute to break their descent.  

To shoot the historic jump from the 2,717 foot (828 meter) tower, Film Dubai equipped its SHOTOVER F1 with a RED Dragon EPIC paired with a Canon 30-300 lens, allowing it to garner unparalleled images of Fuget and Reffet’s 200+ mile-per-hour free fall even at full zoom.  The world record marked the culmination of a three-year training period for Fuget and Reffet, including a final practice week base jumping off Lauterbeunnen Mountain in Switzerland – a peak that is almost the same height as the Burj Khalifa.