SHOTOVER Debuts Rain Spinner to Keep Glass Clear When Shooting in Wet Environments

When raindrops or water spray hit the front of the lens during an aerial shoot you can’t just step outside the helicopter and clean them off.  Enter the lightweight and easy to use SHOTOVER rain spinner for the SHOTOVER K1 and F1 gyro-stabilized camera systems.  The rain spinner is the industry’s ultimate solution for keeping the lens clear when shooting in wet conditions, ensuring sparkling images whether covering live news or sports with the F1 or shooting a rain scene for a Hollywood blockbuster with the K1.

The new solution made its feature film debut shooting aerials on location in Brazil for the upcoming actioner Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 from Paramount Pictures.  The system was supplied by aerial production and rental company Team5.  Director Dave Green commented, “There’s a reason SHOTOVER has become the go to system for motion picture productions – the images are amazing and the system is a breeze to use.  With the addition of the rain spinner, we were able to get clear images while shooting in the misty conditions of the Amazonian rain forest.”

Mounted on the system’s front cover, the rain spinner rotates at approximately 3,000 rpm, creating a centripetal acceleration, which whisks water away from the glass to ensure clear shooting in wet weather. For the ultimate image SHOTOVER engineers selected Schneider Optics for perfectly clear 5mm glass, with anti-reflective coating. Simple and fast to mount, the rain spinner can be turned on and off remotely from inside the cockpit making it instantly available when needed.