BBC Goes “Wild” with the SHOTOVER F1, Selecting Camera System to Shoot 4K Aerials

For the BBC’s next epic, six-part wildlife documentary series scheduled to air in 2016, the producers decided to road-test the SHOTOVER’s capabilities of filming telephoto 4K footage of wolves, bears and caribou in Canada’s remote Northwest Territories.  Capturing the close up intensity of the hunt in UHD resolution from a standoff distance of more than 1 kilometer , aerial cinematographer Michael Kelem wanted to tryout the combination of the new Canon CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm lens with a Red Dragon 4K equipped SHOTOVER F1 camera system.

“There’s no margin for error when shooting aerials in 4K, where any evidence of shake will ruin the shot,” said Kelem.  “The SHOTOVER F1 allowed us to shoot 4K footage of some of North America’s top predators with an unprecedented level of detail and from a distance that respected the animals’ space.”

“We knew going into this new project that aerial footage was going to be critical to our success,” said BBC producer Chadden Hunter.  “Being able to shoot 4k long lens aerials allows us to bring viewers into the center of the action and face to face with majestic animals’